Welcome to Avondale Preparatory School

Ben Coombes - Avondale HeadmasterDear Parents, I am delighted to be appointed as Head of this family Preparatory School in rural Wiltshire; we are a ‘small school with a big heart’ our aim is to build character and lay the foundations for education and lifelong learning in all children.

There is a unique charm to Avondale – on the surface, all the trappings of well-mannered children are present: our pupils are smiley, happy, friendly and achieve great things in a variety of pursuits. However, scratch below the surface and you will meet engaging young minds, who apply themselves to whatever task is at hand; from academic endeavours to extracurricular pastimes.

The school is founded in a traditional, Christian ethos, with family and community at the heart of all that we do. If you have a look at our website, you will see that our charitable giving is not just limited to the UK, and this global mindset is actively encouraged in our pupils. Our traditional values do not determine that we are stuck in the past, however – please do have a look at our various social media channels for an up-to-date picture of what is an “Avondale Pupil”.

As all schools will tell you, rightly, there is a unique charm that can be only be experienced in person. We actively encourage any and all members of the Avondale Community, including prospective parents and alumni, to come and have a look around for yourself.