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Avondale Preparatory School provides a broad, well-balanced curriculum, based on the National Curriculum. This reflects our independent status enabling easy transfer when pupils move school.

All children are monitored and assessed to ensure that the education they receive fulfils their academic needs. They are taught by enthusiastic, well-qualified and committed staff. Each child’s abilities are recognised and developed; any concerns are addressed at the earliest opportunity. All children are praised and encouraged to do their best, remembering that their self-esteem is of great importance.

Each curriculum area is well resourced with equipment and artefacts appropriate to age and topics studied. A well-stocked library offers a wide selection of fiction titles and non-fiction reference books to aid research, or simply to spark an interest. Educational visits and experiences are arranged to further enhance the children’s learning.


Avondale School 50 years school show   Avondale School 50 years school show At Avondale there are numerous opportunities for performances on stage. In fact, this is a real strength of the school. Weekly class assemblies, Remembrance Services, Harvest Festivals and the like, enable children to gain confidence in projecting their voices in front of an audience; we pride ourselves on the quality of these performances and the children take great pride in working as a team to reflect on classroom learning programmes.

Annually, we have a Nativity performance for all children in the Infants; this involves children from 2-7 years of age. Our older children in the Juniors have a major production in intermediate years, with an Easter production every other year.

Additionally, both choir and peripatetic staff, rise to the occasion in preparing children on a weekly basis. Again, these areas are real strengths of the school and there is an annual Performing Arts Evening that takes place in the warmer months, showcasing the children's efforts. The choir, small ensembles and solo performances take place over a two course meal for this formal occasion in our hall. More recently, our choir has become more prominent- an evening of modern music, raising money for one of Avondale's many charities, saw the opportunity for individuals to shine in solo performances with the choir supporting.

Photos above: Children from our Reception class document the 70s and our Year 5 and 6s showcase the "Swinging 30s", as part of Avondale's 90 year celebrations.