Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Jo Stephenson-Jarrett Avondale SEN Teacher

Any concerns about difficulties your child is having should be discussed with their teacher to allow the best provision to be made for them.

Much of the support they receive will be within class. We do have a part time Learning Support Teacher who will co-ordinate and oversee any extra support your child needs.

We believe parents should always be actively involved in this process.

An optional service, where your child is given 1:1 support in a removed setting, is available on request and is charged at a rate of £12.00 per 35 minute lesson

Avondale School offer Special Educational Needs (SEN) to all children that require it.We welcome individuality and are committed to the development of inclusive practices and providing quality provision. We recognise individuality by offering pupils with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) differentiated learning programmes ensuring all pupils are given the opportunity to be challenged, enriched and maximise their potential in achieving the best possible outcomes.
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