Romanian Cultural Exchange - Easter 2015

Avondale has always valued charitable work incredibly highly. Each year the student council are instrumental in organising fundraising events that not only draw the school community together, but further extend the school’s ethos of giving to the less fortunate.

More recently we have looked to make things more authentic by focusing our energies in one area throughout the year - we have streamlined charity events to one a term in aid of the work of New Generation Impact, a Christian charity that, amongst other things, supports orphaned children in Romania.

Romanian Cultural Exchange - Easter 2015 School House

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Romanian Cultural Exchange - Easter 2015

Avondale Romanian Connection in San Petru area of Brasov Avondale Romanian Connection in San Petru area of Brasov Complementing this focus, the school has recently purchased a property in the San Petru area of Brasov which is visited by our older children in a holiday period each year. Our children have the opportunity to see first- hand the difference that their energies are making in the lives of children in a number of orphanages there. The week long trip sees the team spend time in a Romanian school and there are a number of excursions shared with orphaned children across the wider Brasov area.

Funds raised from future charity events at Avondale address areas of need that are identified whilst visiting the orphanages. More recently, Avondale has upgraded its ICT facilities and our older computers have been moved across to respective orphanages where ICT resources were in serious need of repair.

All children are able to continue staying in touch via e-mail. Furthermore, Avondale supports orphaned children in providing an incentive for excelling in school. In the final four weeks of the Summer Term each year, a number of orphaned children are brought across to the UK to spend time at Avondale, to better their English skills and spend time with respective families. They also have the opportunity to attend the week long PGL activity week on the Isle of Wight.

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