Avondale School Children in uniform in classroom

Avondale Preparatory School provides a broad, well-balanced curriculum, based on the National Curriculum. This reflects our independent status enabling easy transfer when pupils move school. All children are monitored and assessed to ensure that the education they receive fulfils their academic needs. They are taught by enthusiastic, well-qualified and committed staff. Each child’s abilities are recognised and developed; any concerns are addressed at the earliest opportunity. All children are praised and encouraged to do their best, remembering that their self-esteem is of great importance.

Each curriculum area is well resourced with equipment and artefacts appropriate to age and topics studied. A well-stocked library offers a wide selection of fiction titles and non-fiction reference books to aid research, or simply to spark an interest. Educational visits and experiences are arranged to further enhance the children’s learning.

Stuart Watson - Avondale HeadmasterThe school takes great pride in preparing children for the next stage in their schooling. Whilst the National Curriculum provides a framework for learning, the overwhelming emphasis is on preparing children for the 11+ Examination enabling entry into Grammar Schools of choice.

This said, we have a number of children that are prepared for entry into both state secondary and public schools. The success of the curriculum delivered can be measured by our excellent 11+ and SATs results and by the percentage of children who go on to their first school of choice when leaving Avondale.