Avondale Reception (4-5 years)

Avondale School Reception children in playground on bikes

Our Reception Class have a structured learning programme that follows an 'Infant' timetable. Children at this level are able to focus for longer periods and morning sessions capitalise on this. There is an afternoon EYFS break time where they mix with younger children.

All of our classrooms in the EYFS have interactive whiteboards and high speed internet connection. They are positioned at a height that allows children to take ownership of on-line learning tools. BLAST resources are used in literacy lessons to increase listening and attention skills. This also builds confidence in the use of language and communication. Phonics becomes a significant focus within the Reception year. Approximately 15-20 minutes are spent on phonic awareness daily- these sessions focus on letters and sounds. At this level there is a mix of adult led and child initiated activities.

Books and high frequency words are taken home nightly as reading becomes a focus for development. Cooking and sewing play a significant role within the programme and children are encouraged to bring in an item of significance to them to talk about in front of the class.

Avondale School Early Years children in classroom with their hands upReception and Their Transition to Year 1

Children are encouraged to become independent and confident learners to enable a smooth transition to Year 1.

Children are encouraged to learn to tie their ties towards the end of Reception, as elastic ties in Year 1 are not permitted. Children have taster sessions to familiarise themselves with their new class/ teachers and expectations for the year ahead.

Within the Year 1 class greater emphasis is placed on independence and focusing for extended periods on set tasks.

As in Reception there is a high expectation for good manners and for children to take responsibility for their personal belongings. In Year 1 children will be introduced to a more structured timetable and move towards longer working periods.