Little Avondale (3-4 years)

Little Avondale School children cutting in the classroom

We want our children to be happy, curious, confident independent learners to create a positive start to their school life. Children are able to start Tots from 2 years of age and Little Avondale from their 3rd birthday.

The Early Years Team work closely together to ensure continuous development through the EYFS Curriculum.

Our Nursery have two daily sessions:

Session 1:  8:30am - 12:00pm Noon daily
Lunch eating and break- 12 Noon- 12:50pm (Avondale rate)
Session 2:  12:50pm - 3:20pm daily
We have recently expanded this facility and we now operate a 'mornings only' nursery as well as a 'full day’ nursery for those children that are full time, or having full days with us.


Little Avondale SChool Child sitting in a tyre at a day out in the farm.Little Avondale and Their Transition to Reception

Children have easy access to a wide range of books. A cosy reading/ book area is provided in both classrooms where children are encouraged to share together and with adults. Puppets and masks consolidate story structure, language and enjoyment.

Children are encouraged to enjoy the experience of making marks using different media ie paint, brushes in sand, gloop (cornflour) fingers and hands in shaving foam, whiteboards and markers.

The children in Nursery and Reception spend much of their learning time together throughout the year.

The nursery children become familiar with the Reception routines and the adults that work together. Children that stay for lunch are familiar with the lunchtime routines and eat together with other infant children and teachers.

Taster sessions and story times are built in towards the end of the summer term to familiarise the children with their new class.